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March 10th, 2020

The Detroit Sports Authorities-the only sports show not bought and paid for so they can tell it like it is!

Tonight's show includes:Hey, we are a part of the media so we have to talk about the Corona virus, who

is going to risk going to the games or are you?, tank Detroit (fill in your team) tank!, they cut who from

the Tigers already?, See ya, Leafs, slide Pistons slide (and take your owner with you!), say, Ms. Ford and Luigi stop by for a minute, yes, Dayton is going in as a #1 seed, yes, 10 Big 10 teams will be going too, If UCLA gets in- we will be doing a whole show of just fart noises, MSU gets a #3 seed, here is your God awful Detroit Tiger opening day lineup, this and sooooo much more tonight!