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June 24th, 2020

Welcome to the ONLY sports show on the triple W that is NOT bought and paid for

by any team so they can tell it like it is! Tonight with Kenny in Cincinnati, Fla. getting

ready to go to Tiger Town, Mark and John talk about: Another Ford, Another Clunkler,

it's a Covid-19 America right now, not a sports America right now, We don't want 

ANY sports season this year and they explain why, MLB Manfred is a sham, Bettman

is and will always be the worst, the human sex toy and his bubble at Disney is

ready to fail, ALL sports have exposed themselves as we don't care about

ANYONE-just give us the green, the Leafs look good except if their two big

stars are with Covid which brings us back to the top of the show. See how

well that works? This and many more topics are included in tonight's episode...

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