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June 3rd, 2020

The Detroit Sports Authorities-the only sports show not bought and paid for

so they can tell it like it is!

On tonight's indoor and fully social distancing show, the Authorities

(with Kenny still in Cincinnati, Fla.)

talk about:NO MORE TALK about ANY sports organization that boasts

that they are going to start playing

again in 2020 that does not have a solid plan to REALLY start playing,

we ban the NHL and MLB for said

violation, we do NOT care about whimpy overpaid sports players AND

owners that cry over not making millions because they don't want to play

for the dumbest reasons ever, go HS sports and now...introducing that

former pole dancer at New York's Boom Boom Room- we now

have NASCAR GRANNY giving an update on all things left turning at

121 mph, this and so much more! 

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