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January 15th, 2020

This ISN'T your father's sport show...

Welcome to The Detroit Sports Authorities Show! It is the only sports show that

isn't bought and paid for by any sports team so we can say out loud what you

are thinking about sports. In tonight's show, the Authorities talked about: You

ain't cheatin' if you are eatin'- what is up with those MLB sign stealers (hate

those Astros), did you care about the final college football game this year-listen

to our take right here-who thinks GB goes to the SB (hint, not us), yay- four

major teams in Detroit and all are trash-here is how we are going to make

it better,listen in as we TRASH this new Pro Hockey League-they REALLY

can't be serious,college basketball snooze fest, it's drafty in here, a visit

by Luigi the Squeegee and so much more!

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