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July 29th, 2020

Attention Hollywood producers, here's a hot tip for a new movie. A decorated Navy vet who comes home to find the sport of drag racing is not how it should be and after being frowned upon at a race for not driving a big money or trendy car/ he doesn't whimper but instead goes out and resurrects one of the classic leagues in drag racing and his incredible uphill campaign to get it rolling again. Our guest tonight is Mr. Dallas Brown from the American Hot Rod Association. He is that guy. Not a stuff shirt desk jockey but a racer himself, Mr. Brown brought back everything AHRA and is spreading the word about his vision for the association. Frankly, Mr. Brown's enthusiasm for drag racing and the AHRA is catchy. While not crazy about the name, we think that the AHRA"Econo-Comp Class" may very well be one of the freshest and more exciting classes to be formed for drag racing in a very long time. Great for drivers and outstanding for the fans. It's innovative thinking like this that should propel the AHRA back into the mainstream of the sport. Mr. Brown talks today about how the AHRA is not only designed for sportsman classes, but for everyone including fans too. We will have Mr. Brown back with us again. A fascinating interview.

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