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THE CKiW iRADIO 76 “THE 5:15 SHOW ” Stephanie Peterson from Martin U.S.131 Motorsports Park interview 3/10/20

March 10th, 2020

It was our pleasure to have Stephanie Peterson from the Martin U.S. 131 Motorsports Park on with us today. Stephanie gave some incredible insights on the inner workings of what it takes to do the day to day jobs at U.S. 131. In this freewheeling interview, we learn about the history of U.S. 131, booking cars for events, the excitement of having multiple major events booked for the summer and explore them in detail, the correct name of the track for betting purposes, how much safety is maintained there at all times, a 1.1 Million dollar race?!, the all electric car race this summer, the direction of drag racing, yes- they have great bathrooms there, the friendliness of all the racers. All this and so much more!