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CKiW IRADIO 76 “THE 5:15 SHOW” with special guest STEVE TIMOSZYK

March 1st, 2021

One of the most interesting guys you will ever meet in the world of drag racing, tonight we have STEVE TIMOSZYK of the Detroit Tiger Funny Car/ Milan Dragway fame with us. Topics covered on the show today include: the upcoming Funny Car Tour 2021, Funny Car Chaos, the 2020 Detroit Dragway and 2020 Nostalgia Nationals ("NosNats") review (ps-what a show!), backstage at the NosNats and how they engage fans, the "Parade of Cars" at the NosNats, what is the year a car has to be considered in the Nostalgia, the "Kicking it Old School Race" overview, how Steve produces shows at Milan Dragway, drag racing in Covid-19 times, who is coming to the NosNats this year, what is a typical week during race season, sponsors, upcoming races at Milan and so much more!

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