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October 1st, 2019

Oh Lord, here they come again! It's time for the gents who hates sports as much as you do-welcome those lovable oversexed rascals-THE DETROIT SPORTS AUTHORITIES! This is the ONLY sports talk show that isn't bought and paid for by anyone so they can tell it like it is! Sooo, here comes their opinions on the sport stories of the day. Hate the Detroit Lions, listen to what they have to say about those leaky rubbers! Hate the Detroit Tigers, you found your place! Hate the Detroit Pistons, come on in! Hate khaki pants in Weedville and their overrated U of M football teams, we are your friends! Hate the Detroit Red Wings, get the hell out of here hippie! MLB playoffs, awful NFL qb corps, money on MSU, models that got fat and so much more discussed tonight! (Not office safe).

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