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January 21st, 2020

This ISN'T your father's sport show...

Welcome to The Detroit Sports Authorities Show! It is the only sports show that

isn't bought and paid for by any sports team so we can say out loud what you

are thinking about sports. In tonight's show, the Authorities talked about: Facebook

has banned most of the pictures of women that we have on our FB page for being

"Adult Content"- won't you do us a favor and check out our page as tell us what

you think? Thanks...

ALSO---Losers-Green Bay-you bunch of losers, cheaters-Asstros-cheaters that

DO NOT deserve ANY championships and you cheated like a bunch of wimps,

we vote KC in the Superbowl kinda, winner-bring in Gallent NOW to

the Wings to make them a winner, dummies-dear Pistons,

how about finishing your tanking dummies, lucky you- NO Lions and very

little Tigers-lucky you, this and soooo much more tonight!

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